Crocoparc & Lion park

To vary the pleasures, the beautiful landscapes of a huge zoological park which houses:

-325 Nile crocodiles,

-giant turtles,

-green iguanas,

-giant pythons,


-white-brush marmoset,

within 5 amazing botanical gardens (the blue garden, the exotic garden, the tropical garden, the aquatic garden, the cacti) extending over about 4 hectares.

(About 7 euros per entry*)

Also to be discovered soon, the Lion Park, which hosts African lions, white lions, and barbarian lions, to be observed in a forest of 20 hectares during a circuit by car.

(both in the suburbs of Agadir, on the national Agadir-Marrakech, in the town of Drarga)

*Approximate rate, for information only.