The advantages of booking directly at the hotel


Many websites, travel agencies and other intermediaries offer reservations in all hotels in the world. However he advantages of booking directly at the hotel are numerous.


Here are some comparative points between a reservation through an intermediary, and a direct reservation through the hotel website or by email:

-quality of reception of the message

Going through an intermediary always runs the risk that information will not be properly transmitted. Via the hotel’s website or emails, on the contrary, you will be in direct contact with the entire Villa Blanche team who will satisfy your every desire, guide you to optimize your reservation.

-a tailor-made stay

You can prepare a stay tailored to your needs, such as choosing a room or view, perhaps on the occasion of a wedding anniversary or other party. You can also specify important information such as food intolerance or reduced mobility in the comments when booking on our website or by email.

-booking without bad surprise

The information on the website is regularly updated: photographs, virtual tours, events, services offered… Thus, you know all the details in advance, which allows you to organize your stay with peace of mind before your arrival at the Villa Blanche by booking with a single click!

-great experiences to live

Much more than a stay, booking from our website or by email allows you to organize your activities, whether you are with family, with friends, or a couple. Indeed, take the opportunity to relax at the SPA, spend a day golfing, try scuba diving, embark on excursions, so many activities offered on the site.

-direct Incident Management

It may happen that various events lead you to change your dates of stay. In this case, unlike an intermediary, the hotel is flexible and close to its guests.

We are waiting for you at the Villa Blanche for an unforgettable stay!