The Gardens of Agadir

The beauty of Morocco’s gardens: at Villa Blanche is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful gardens in Agadir. This festive garden is a space of freedom composed of splendid endemic and exotic plants, oasis of rare flowers, palm trees and cactus.

More than a bouquet of flowers, what better welcome than the surprise of a paradise garden with vegetation from all over the world? Shimmering colors, an enchanting scent, the murmur of bees, the song of birds, the pleasure of the senses…

The garden of the Villa Blanche, place of carefree and tranquility, awaits you to laze by the pool, cool off with a homemade lemonade, read and dream on a chaise longue. Have breakfast in the sun playing with the familiar and impertinent birds, curious and greedy turtles. 

Find in our garden:

Realization of the garden: Arnaud Maurières


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