Agadir excursions

Agadir, capital of the Souss-Massa region, is the ideal starting point for excursions on foot, mountain biking, horseback, donkey, camel, car, quad or buggy, boat, or 4 4!

The waters of the Souss-Massa region are among the most fishy in the kingdom: bass (wolf), swordfish, sole, Saint Pierre, sea bream, red mullet, squid, cod, mackerel, anchovy, tuna, pageot, etc. and of course the sardine for the aperitif!

As for the coastal area, with its dunes, cliffs and lagoons, it attracts many curious people.


The visit of AGADIR
( the Kasbah, the Marina, the souk, allow 2 to 3h, about 40 euros for 2 pers*)

On the heights of Agadir, you will discover the Casbah, an old fortress overlooking the city that was destroyed during the earthquake of February 29, 1960. You will see the giant inscription» الله الوطن الملك» («God, The Fatherland, The King») on the hill and enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

Discover the bustling Grand Port with its hundreds of boats and processing units! Next door, the Marina and its marina, ideal for a family outing, with its cafes, shops, and fun little fish. From here you will go for a walk with marine flavours along the immense bay…
The souk El Had, the Unmissable, the largest souk in Africa, filled with colors and oriental scents. Surrounded by ramparts with multiple entrances, you will discover around 6,000 small shops in various sectors such as food, clothing, slippers, Moroccan tableware, not to mention the famous Berber carpets, and many other surprises…

To see also «the Medina», a modern reconstruction of the old medina that we owe to the architect Polizzi. dating from 1992. It was destroyed during the earthquake.

La Casbah Souss where the best Moroccan artisans present their works.

A more sporty visit of the surroundings of Agadir is also possible by quad or buggy in the middle of argan and eucalyptus forests, and sand dunes. You will cross some Berber villages where the inhabitants will offer you the traditional mint tea ( about 50 euros/ pers*).

Sea trip
(expect 5 to 6 hours, about 45 euros/pers*)

Departure from the Marina for an excursion in the bay of Agadir. Taste the pleasure of a lunch of fish just caught offshore. Nothing like a relaxing day on the Atlantic for an introduction to fishing, and why not, enjoy a swim.

Crocoparc Agadir
(in the suburbs of Agadir, on the national Agadir-Marrakech, about 7 euros per entry)

It is a huge zoological park that is home to 325 Nile crocodiles, giant turtles, green iguanas, giant pythons, anacondas, white-brush marmoset, in an amazing botanical garden stretching over about 4 hectares.

(about 200 km north of Agadir, about 150 euros for 2 people*)

Discovery of the city, its medina and its architecture inspired by French urbanism, but still atypical, with its colors and its many small local shops. A passage through the old fishing port where you can admire the art of naval repairs. A must, a fish meal (about 25 euros excluding drinks*).

Some suggestions of beaches to discover north of Agadir, for surfers:
The beach of Anza, about 8 km away, and its mysterious footprints embedded in the rock;
Imourane Beach, 15 km after Aourir (the “banana village”), stretches on both sides of the famous “Devil’s Rock”! At Brahim you can taste grilled lobsters, caught in the morning. You can also admire the remains of an old Portuguese fort built on a small peninsula.
Taghazout, a fishing village 30 m from Agadir, is also a very famous surf spot! You can also fish or dive there. Overlooking the beach, discover of course its superb golf course covered with argan trees, between sea and mountain!
The beach of Aghroud at 35 kms, its small houses with bright colors, for swimming and for a walk, camel or horse.
To be noted, a few kms away, the lighthouse of Cap Ghir.

South of Agadir, wild beaches:
The beach of Sidi Toual, about 20 kms away: it is an authentic and exotic beach, lined with cliffs, dotted with fishing huts. Access by car is quite difficult and is done by secondary roads.
The beach of Tifnit, 50 kms, and its small caves in front of the ocean as well as the blue boats of the fishermen.
The Corniche d’Aglou, 96kms away, in the province of Tiznit, with troglodytic dwellings and, not to be missed, the fun souk with donkeys and camels on Tuesday…
The Red Beach” from Lagzira, to Mirleft, about 130 km away: fishing, surfing, diving, walks… The village of Mirleft has become a small picturesque « seaside town ». The arcades of its main street house grocery stores, and other small shops…

BACK- COUNTRY: from Souss-Massa to the Atlas

(about 30 km from Agadir, about 70 euros for 2 people*)

A walk of 20 mns in the middle of a palm grove gives access to this authentic landscape (argan trees, almond trees, olive trees, carob trees, wild thyme, cactus, etc.). Biblical landscape along the wadi in the mountain, and its limestone gorges, waterfalls, streams, natural pools.

Tajine lunch in the mountains, in small family restaurants.

which starts in the valley of Paradise and crosses breathtaking landscapes: aromatic trails and almond orchards. The town of Imouzzer des Ida-Outanane is famous for its honey for which a traditional honey festival is held in summer. An unmissable occasion to celebrate one of the flagship products of the terroir that makes the pride of its inhabitants. 60 kms away you will find the Inzerki Beehive, the largest and oldest beehive in the world.

-30 km from Imouzzer, the Win Timdouine cave, the largest cave explored in Africa.

-In the heart of the arganeraie biosphere reserve ( 2.5 million hectares) visit the Afoulki argan oil cooperative (created by women). It offers argan oil (rare and precious for cooking and cosmetics), olive, prickly fig, almonds, etc.

–The fortified old town of TAROUDANT (80 km from Agadir), and the oasis of TIOUT (about 140 euros for 2 people*)

Discover the city of Taroudant by horse-drawn carriage (10 euros for 4 pers*), the old red city nicknamed «the little Marrakech». Its ramparts protect the medina and the souks where there are carpets, jewellery, leather bags, and other handicrafts.

Donkey ride (4 euros*) to the oasis of Tiout. An oasis of date palms that stretch as far as the eye can see, where you can discover the life of the Berbers who will welcome you with a mint tea and a good meal.Possibility of visiting a zoo on the way back to end the day in beauty.

-The Oasis of Tata, 250 km from Agadir, and its craftsmanship: traditional pottery, architecture of houses ( tataoui or typical colourful wooden false ceilings).

-The Agouliz Waterfalls and Cliffs, 30 km from Tata.

–60 kms from Agouliz, the oasis of Akka and the Aït Rahal mosque at the minaret of the 12th century. The site of Oum El Aleg, with fascinating and particularly preserved rock engravings. The citadel of Agadir Ouzrou, which stands on the edge of a rocky cliff, the bivouac Akka Nait Sidi in the desert.

THE LITTLE SAHARA- the lagoon of Massa ( Oued Massa, Tifnit, provide about 120 euros for 2 pers*)

Discover the Souss-Massa National Park between Agadir and Tiznit. This 33,800 hectare nature reserve is home to mongooses, jackals, wild boars, gulls, hawks, cormorants, herons, as well as the last colony of bald ibis.

A circuit of discovery of the rich and wild Saharan fauna in the wildlife reserves for the acclimatization of the gazelles, addax, oryx, ostriches for their reintroduction into their original life, and a circuit of observation of the valley of the migratory birds, offer the possibility of also doing donkey rides.

Make your way to the impressive Youssef Ben Tachfin dam on the Wadi Massa, offering a panoramic view of the Massa lagoon, then you will discover the dunes of Rasmouka in the middle of the small Sahara.

In the Souss Massa National Park, follow the Oued Massa which flows into the Atlantic to reach the fishing village of Tifnit. Camel ride (about 5 euros per person*), lunch at home (about 5 euros per person*).

–In the province of Aït Baha, Tizourgane, one of the igoudars (granaries) of Agadir Ikounka, 70 km from Agadir, and the souk of Ida Ougnidif and its famous colourful babouches.

‘Tiznit, the goldsmith’s town where artisans make the finest silver jewellery in Morocco.

– Tafraout, 166km south of Agadir, a village with painted rocks and mountains with improbable shapes, including the «Napoleon’s hat». Nearby, the Ameln Valley, its villages, and the gorges of Aït Mansour.

-The ATLAS massif and its many treasures, between the coast and the Sahara desert, that a guide will be happy to show you!

Sunrise in hot air balloon (departure 5 hours, allow about 200 euros/pers*)

Departing from Agadir. The duration of the flights was programmed to coincide with the sunrise. After your journey, relax in the atmosphere of a desert tent with a freshly prepared breakfast. Balloon flight over the Atlas Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, and camel ride in traditional Tuareg attire.

*Rates are approximate, for information only. Enquire at reception as soon as you arrive.

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