From Souss-Massa to the Atlas

BACK- COUNTRY: from Souss-Massa to the Atlas



(about 30 kms from Agadir, departure in the morning or early afternoon, about 70 € for 2 people *)

A 20-minute walk in the middle of a palm grove provides access to this authentic landscape (argan trees, almond trees, olive trees, carob trees, wild thyme, cacti …). Biblical landscape along the wadi in the mountain, and its limestone gorges, waterfalls, streams, natural pools. Lunch of a tagine in the mountain, in small family restaurants.


Take the HONEY ROAD up to the village of Imouzzer

It starts in the valley of Paradise and crosses breathtaking landscapes of aromatic trails and almond orchards.  The village of Imouzzer des Ida-Outanane is famous for its honey, which is celebrated with a honey festival in summer. An unmissable occasion to celebrate one of the flagship products of the terroir that makes the pride of its inhabitants.

Ideally located in the heart of this unique biodiversity 60 kms away, you will find the Inzerki beehive, the largest and oldest traditional beehive in the world, renowned throughout the Kingdom. After being taken from a wooden and reed hive, the honey is worked by the beekeeper in a ground couscoussier. The precious nectar is considered the best in Morocco.

See also:

-30 kms from Imouzzer, the Win Timdouine cave, the largest cave explored in Africa.

-In the heart of the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve (2,5 million hectares) visit the Afoulki argan oil cooperative (created by women). It offers argan oil (rare and precious for cooking and cosmetics), olive, prickly pear, almonds, etc …

Another labeled local product is saffron, called “red gold”. It is grown in the Taliouine region.


The visit of the old fortified city of TAROUDANT (80 kms from Agadir), and the oasis of TIOUT

(about 140 € for 2 people *)

Carriage ride (10 €/ carriage 4 person*)

Discover the city of Taroudant by horse-drawn carriage, the old red city nicknamed «the little Marrakech». Its ramparts protect the medina and the souks where there are carpets, jewellery, leather bags, and other handicrafts.

Donkey ride to the oasis of Tiout (4 €/ donkey*)

An oasis of date palms stretching as far as the eye can see, where you can discover the life of the Berbers who will welcome you with a mint tea and a good meal. Possibility to visit a zoo on the way back to finish the day in style.

See also:

-The Oasis of Tata, 250 kms from Agadir, and its crafts: pottery of traditional manufacture, architecture of houses (tataoui or false ceilings in typical colored wood).

-The waterfalls and cliffs of Agouliz, 30 kms from Tata.

-60 kms from Agouliz, the oasis of Akka and the mosque Aït Rahal in the minaret of the 12th century. The site of Oum El Aleg, with fascinating and particularly preserved rock engravings. The citadel of Agadir Ouzrou, which stands on the edge of a rocky cliff, the Akka Nait Sidi bivouac in the desert.


THE SMALL SAHARA- the lagoon of Massa

(Oued Massa, Tifnit, plan about 120 € for 2 people *)

Discover the Souss-Massa National Park between Agadir and Tiznit. This nature reserve of 33,800 hectares is home to mongooses, jackals, wild boars, gulls, falcons, cormorants, herons, as well as the last colony of bald ibises.

Donkey ride

Circuit to discover the rich and wild Saharan fauna, and the valley of migratory birds: visit the wildlife reserves created for the acclimatization of gazelles, addax, oryx, ostriches, with a view to their reintroduction in their original life,  and the Valley of Migratory Birds.

Then head to the impressive Youssef Ben Tachfin dam on the Massa wadi, offering panoramic views of the Massa lagoon. You will then discover the dunes of Rasmouka in the middle of the small Sahara.

Camel ride

(about 5 € per person*)

In the national park of Souss Massa, follow the Oued Massa which flows into the Atlantic to reach the fishing village of Tifnit, with lunch at the inhabitant.

Also worth seeing in the province of Aït Baha, Tizourgane, one of the igoudars (collective granaries) of Agadir Ikounka, 70kms from Agadir, and the souk of Ida Ougnidif and its famous colorful babouches.

Quad or buggy ride, whole day

(125 €/quad, 240 €/buggy, equipment, helmet, glasses, return transfer in mini van and lunch included*)

Walk in the sand dunes, the Massa nature reserve, lunch with locals in the village of Massa, and return via the beaches.



goldsmiths’ town where artisans make the finest silver jewellery in Morocco, including the fibula that is the most worked object. A magnificent fountain sits in the heart of the medina surrounded by 19th century ramparts.

An oasis, with slender palm trees overlooking vigorous olive trees in the middle of beds of aromatic or medicinal plants, borders the Medina.


*Rates are approximate, for information purposes only.